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Sol Farmhouse: Luxury Living

One can find the true heart of Goa in its everlasting sunshine and lavish greenery. In keeping with the beauty of the Goan landscape, we designed Sol Farmhouse—the epitome of luxury living, in the lap of nature. Toby Kyle from Burega Farnell –Singapore, designed this tropical holiday home, set out in a massive expanse of […]

Mango Villa: Bespoke Luxury

Mango Villa is one of our signature projects. It is a bespoke luxury villa, co-created between the client, Tarun Tahiliani- who designed the interiors, Sachi Atre- the architects, and us- the developers. We have delivered a holistic project that includes everything from the architecture, development, and interiors, to landscaping.   There are one major underlying […]

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Luxury Lifestyle in Goa

Being Healthy in Goa is Easy

Goa is seemingly more popular for its bars, craft breweries, night clubs and yacht parties. However, there is a fresher, healthier Goa replete with organic cafes and restaurants and a wide variety of physical activities to indulge in. Goa is blessed with a huge array of vegetables and fruits due to its tropical climate and […]

Enjoying the Exclusive Goan Night Life

Of all the places one can visit in India, Goa stands out for being the premium party destination with some of the finest options for a fun and entertaining nightlife. In the last decade, Goa has seen an upsurge in the quality of leisure activities available, especially for people seeking luxury.   Whilst regular tourists […]

Luxury Real Estate Around The World

A New Class of Luxury Emerges

Explore the world of branded residences. A concept that first emerged in the 1920s, branded residences traditionally refer to hotel-led developments with integrated residential units. Offering an appealing combination of service and quality, these projects have gained in popularity recently, and some of the world’s most prominent luxury hotel chains are expanding eagerly into the […]

The Hottest Trends in Ultra-Luxury Real Estate

Once you cross the $100 million mark, you enter the lofty world of ultra-luxury real estate. In this world, helipads and sprawling art installations are considered commonplace. Let’s take a glimpse into this rarified world and see what the hottest trends in ultra-luxury real estate are these days. To learn more, click here.

5 things to expect for luxury real estate in 2019

Luxury Real Estate is a unique niche within its own industry. This niche market is usually where the industry tries to test out new trends before the traditional market grabs it, so if it doesn’t stick, it won’t expand. The trends for this year are definitely ones to watch. To read more, click here.