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Mango Villa: Bespoke Luxury

Mango Villa is one of our signature projects. It is a bespoke luxury villa, co-created between the client, Tarun Tahiliani- who designed the interiors, Sachi Atre- the architects, and us- the developers. We have delivered a holistic project that includes everything from the architecture, development, and interiors, to landscaping.   There are one major underlying […]

Sol Villas

In the quiet, serene village of Nerul, not far from the hubbub of the best beaches in North Goa, hidden in plain sight is a cluster of 4 villas that are the very embodiment of luxury. But, like all our projects, they blend so gracefully into the landscape and the architecture that is native to […]

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5 Modern Amenities That Will Transform Luxury Real Estate in 2019

With 2019 right around the corner, buyers and renters alike are looking to the next best thing that will add value to their daily lives. From name-brand wellness to the advanced integration of technology, here is a list of five amenity trends sure to make a mark in the luxury real estate space over the […]

4 Trends Redefining the Future of Luxury Housing in India

A rapid rise in the number of high net-worth individuals (HNIs), increased aspirations, transforming lifestyle and investment interest from Diaspora are the major factors pushing the demand of luxury housing. Looking at the absorption rates of luxury housing over the last three years, the sector shows the signs of definite growth in the coming years. […]

How Women Are Influencing the Face of Luxury Real Estate in the Modern Era

The rise of wealth among women is making itself feel in the Luxury Real Estate industry. Women buyers are on the rise, and because of that, a number of trends in the industry from design to home features and purchase attributes are beginning to change. To read more, click here.