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The most famous things about Goa may well be the beaches, the parties, the feni. And perhaps, to a lesser degree, the churches, temples and forts. But, that is not all there is to Goa. There are other beautiful worlds hidden within it.


One of the most remarkable aspects of Goa is its natural beauty. While, of course, the beach has its own charms, the rivers and the backwaters offer a whole other kind of beauty and serenity. Goa also has forest land, and many wildlife sanctuaries, with a wide variety of animals and birds. An abundance of orchards and fields growing an astonishing number of fruits, vegetables, grains and spices are close at hand throughout the state. And since the Western Ghats are also a part of Goa, the rugged landscape in some parts of Goa offers a striking contrast to the calm lushness of paddy fields. So, whether it is water bodies, fields or forests, flora or fauna, Goa is filled with stunning natural beauty.


The other exceptional aspect of Goa is its inherited Portuguese architecture. Whether it is the churches, palaces or homes, the distinctive architectural language is visible all across Goa. Tall, double height structures with tiled roofs, large windows, balconies and verandahs, and detailed embellishments, these edifices bring a sense of dignity and beauty to the landscape of Goa.


And while there are cities, towns, and other urban and commercial spaces, most of Goa is filled with villages. The pace of life is gentler here. The abundance of space, greenery, peace and tranquility are the hallmarks of the village life. No matter what walk of life one belongs to, it is possible to create a joyous and happy life in the villages of Goa.


So, while Goa is one of the most popular tourist destination in India, it is also an incredibly beautiful place to set up a home in, perhaps a holiday home.


Urvi Shah - Author

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