Aug 31, 2018

Sun Estates Developers: A Vision is Born

“Growing up, we did not realise how beautiful Goa is. We thought that not just the rest of the country, but the rest of the world was like Goa”, reminisces Suraj Morajkar, the Managing Director of Sun Estates Developers. “It’s only when we travelled out of Goa, when we saw the sight of slums and dense cities, that we realised just how marvellous Goa actually is.”

Over time, this natural and aesthetic beauty of Goa has now become the most significant foundation of the Sun Estates Developers brand, which has now made them one of the most premium luxury real estate developers in the state.

As Suraj puts it, “It took some time for us to find the voice of the brand.” The company made a conscious decision to avoid cities and tall buildings, and focus instead on Goan villages and the stunning natural landscape they offered. Over time, the theme of creating structures that symbolise Goa, became stronger and sharper. “Once we found our voice, we have been consistent with it for over two and a half decades.”

And all projects of Sun Estates Developers stand testament to this claim. They have all taken inspiration from existing Goan architecture- a beautiful church, for instance, that has white walls, double height floors, cement flooring, or Portuguese homes that have motifs like cornices, wooden rafters and tiled roofs. And while most of the projects are designed by international architects of world renown, the local flavour of Goa is always highlighted in every project. Additionally, in every Sun Estates project, you will see the natural landscape of Goa being celebrated and proudly showcased.

In Sun Estates, Suraj Morajkar has built a brand on the ethos of Goa, on its old architecture, and the landscapes of Goa. And in doing so, he has made Sun Estates synonymous with timeless luxury in Goa.

SunEstates - Author

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