Aug 30, 2018

Solidago: Resort-Style Living

Solidago is a bold project that combines the two most coveted features of luxury in Goa- a perfect holiday home and world class hospitality. It allows you the perfect opportunity to enjoy living in your own luxury villa while soaking up the atmosphere of a premium resort.

Solidago is a gated community of 11 independent luxury villas in an exclusive, yet prominent location in Nerul. On the one hand, it is close to the best beaches in North Goa, and all the fun and entertainment that comes along. On the other hand, it is set against the backdrop of a quiet and quaint natural landscape that allows you to hide away from the world in your own cocoon.

What makes Solidago exceptional is that it has the award-winning boutique hotel, Sol de Goa, as its hospitality partner. Hailed as one of the most stunning and luxurious boutique hotels in Goa, Sol de Goa brings its outstanding services to the villas in Solidago, enabling you to experience world class hospitality while enjoying the privacy of your own luxury home.

Solidago has been designed from conception to embody the spirit of resort-style living. It has been designed by world-renowned architects from Singapore- BLINK Design Group, whose expertise lies in building resorts around the globe. The landscape has been laid out by international landscape architect Burega Farnell to meet the highest possible standards. No stone has been left unturned to create the perfect resort-style atmosphere for this luxury residential property.

Solidago is made all the more impressive by the union of local character with international architecture and designs. Whether it is the prominent use of Goan stones or the liberal sprinkling of Goan flora around the property, there is no mistaking the location of this tropical paradise.

Indeed, Solidago excels at its attempt in combining the best of different worlds.

SunEstates - Author

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