Sol Villa by Sun Estates

In the quiet, serene village of Nerul, not far from the hubbub of the best beaches in North Goa, hidden in plain sight is a cluster of 4 villas that are the very embodiment of luxury. But, like all our projects, they blend so gracefully into the landscape and the architecture that is native to the environment they are in, that you would be greatly surprised to discover such sheer opulence. These are our Sol Villas.


Sol Villas have been designed by internationally acclaimed German architect, Robert Patzschke to respond to nature and become part of it. Two of the luxury villas face beautiful green fields and are designed to be open to them. Their swimming pools are set apart from the villas in their private gardens, allowing you to enjoy the stupendous view.


The two other luxury villas are designed to bring the natural world within themselves. They have a courtyard within the house, which allows for openness to nature inside the house itself. The villas becomes as much a part of the nature outside and feel alive.


There is also lots of play with spaces in these villas. They are double height, so you can look down into the courtyard. The swimming pool is partly within the structure of the house, so you can see the pool from various rooms within the house.


Darryl Fernandes, Head of Design for Sun Estates, explains, “We could have built large buildings in this space, but we wanted these villas to blend with their surroundings. Also, we wanted to create a small exclusive community of people and provide them with privacy.”


Sol Villas do just that- they provide exclusivity, privacy, and great luxury.


Urvi Shah - Author

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