Aug 30, 2018

Sol Pilerne: Luxury Amidst Nature

Nestled amidst greenery as far as the eye can see, winding lanes, swaying palms, and chirping birds, is a hidden gem of a luxury property, called Sol Pilerne.

Lovingly and thoughtfully designed to fit perfectly and seamlessly into the natural landscape that surrounds it, Sol Pilerne is a gated community of 13 magnificent villas that create a cocoon of luxury for those who inhabit it. Every luxury villa in this community is a world in itself, and at the same time, is in complete harmony with the world of nature that surrounds it.

In a remarkable feat, internationally-acclaimed German architect Robert Patzschke, has built a universe of luxury that speaks the same architectural language as its surroundings. For instance, given the village backdrop, this community contains only luxury villas, but no buildings that could disrupt the skyline that is currently filled with trees and birds. Not only the height of the structures, but even their density is limited, so as to allow openness and unfettered access to the surrounding nature. Motifs like cornices, wooden rafters, and tiled roofs that bedeck each villa maintain the beautiful architectural aesthetics left behind by the Portuguese in Goa.

And yet, there is unrivalled luxury in every villa within Sol Pilerne. Each villa has its own private garden and a private pool with a wraparound deck in complete privacy from its neighbouring villas. There is a sense of great space and openness created by the luxurious double height rooms. There is plenty of greenery within the property and open balconies in every villa to appreciate it. No element of luxury can be found wanting within the Sol Pilerne community.

Sol Pilerne is a perfect haven for those who want to commune with nature without foregoing the comfort and luxury of a world-class holiday home.

SunEstates - Author

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