Feb 23, 2018

Sohonos: A Unique Lifestyle Experience

Sohonos offers a remarkable combination of luxury, design, and location that allows for a truly unique lifestyle experience in Goa. Sohonos is a gated community of luxury villas and apartments, set against a truly exquisite natural landscape, located in one of the most prominent locales of North Goa.

Internationally acclaimed, New York based architect, David Ruff, has created a cutting edge, modernist design for this luxury residential project. While all the elements of luxury like private pools, wraparound decks, and natural stone flooring are undoubtedly present; it has a lot of clean and straight lines, very little ornamentation, and is very minimalist in its spirit. And then, David went and opened up the design to give you stunning views of the natural resplendence around it. With a lot of glazing, high ceilings, and spacious rooms, the villas and apartments in Sohonos conspire to bring the outside world in.

And what does the outside world consist of? Celebrated landscape architect, Burega Farnell, from Singapore, has created an exquisite backdrop of natural beauty that has to be seen to be believed. An intricate balance of manicured lawns and swaying fronds feel like music for the eyes. And beyond that, the view encompasses the lush greenery of verdant hills and enchanting backwater fields, and the vastness of the skies above.

And what’s more? This magnificent property is located in one of the most premium locations in Goa. Barely a few minutes away from some of the hottest beaches and coolest hangout places in North Goa, Sohonos is nestled in the quiet village of Nerul. You are both close to everything you need, and yet far away from the cacophony of the outside world.

Sohonos undoubtedly offers an opportunity to experience a truly unique luxury lifestyle in the heart of Goa.

SunEstates - Author

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