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Goa charms its way into the hearts of many with its gently swaying palms, an abundance of shacks and alcohol and cheerful and welcoming locals. More recently, a wide range of holiday homes have come up that offer discerning customers a home of their own.

Whilst many people shy away from buying holiday homes, fearing the responsibility of having another property to look after, many have reaped the benefits of taking the plunge.


There is a growing trend amongst holiday home owners in Goa to rent out their house when not in personal use. This not only provides an added income but also keeps the house in use.

More wear and tear is seen in homes that are locked up for long periods of time. Homes that see good use also remain sturdier and have far less chances of turning into derelict spaces.


Like most tourist destinations, Goa now sees a bevy of people throughout the year. Many today do not necessarily plan and take holidays according to a traditional calendar. There is a lot more flexibility in work schedules and there is also a growing curiosity to see places in different seasons. Goa does not have its typical ‘peak season’ in the winter anymore. Throngs of people come to the beach during spring, summer and the monsoon.


Hence, there is a consistent need for spaces to live, spaces that can feel just like home. Holiday homes provide the right fit for this requirement. Add to it the benefit of rental income and it seems like a very tempting and profitable option. For owners, whilst property appreciation is a much sought after reason to buy a holiday home, rental income adds a healthy dose of earnings too.


The cherry on the cake for holiday home owners is that most builders and promoters provide very comprehensive rental services besides daily servicing and maintenance. This includes sales, marketing, operations and logistics for owners who rent out their holiday homes.

There doesn’t seem to be a better way to invest than in a home by the beach and to earn from it too.


Urvi Shah - Author

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