Aug 31, 2018

Meet Darryl Fernandes

We would like to introduce to you one very important pillar of the Sun Estates Developers community- Darryl Fernandes, Design Director. Darryl has worked in different cities in India with international architects of great renown. He has now resettled in Goa, and for the last 5 years, he has been an intrinsic part of Sun Estates Developers.

Q. Why are you at Sun Estates Developers?
1. I find that Suraj (Suraj Morajkar, Managing Director of Sun Estates Developers) and I are in tune with each other. We share the same architectural and design values. And we are inspired by the same kind of things.

Q. What is it that you are both inspired by?
1. Goa. Both the Goan architecture and the Goan landscape. We have explored many aspects of how to bring these elements together in our creations. We both want to keep the spirit of Goa alive in our structures. We want to give life to its vibe, its soul. We want to speak its architectural language. At the same time, we want to be responsible builders. We want to give back to the Goan community. 

Q. What would you say is your most important role in the company?
1. We work with celebrated architects from around the world. They bring with them their own signature ethos and design styles. My biggest role is to ensure that our shared vision of Sun Estates, which is symbolising Goa in our projects is kept firmly alive. From brief to design to finished projects, I make sure that the spirit of Goa is clearly established in all our projects.

We will continue this fascinating conversation with Darryl in our future blog posts. Watch this space.

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