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Mango Villa is one of our signature projects. It is a bespoke luxury villa, co-created between the client, Tarun Tahiliani- who designed the interiors, Sachi Atre- the architects, and us- the developers. We have delivered a holistic project that includes everything from the architecture, development, and interiors, to landscaping.


There are one major underlying concept to the house, which is responding to the environment around it. On the one hand, the house has gorgeous view of the fields on one side of the house. And so, most of the important spaces like the living area, the swimming pool, the gym and the master bedroom all face this resplendent view.


On the other hand, the house is built around a central courtyard. It has a pool in the centre and it surrounded by a sumptuously lit colonnade that goes around it. It is the perfect space to watch the changing moods of the day from within the comfort of the luxury villa.


When you enter this elegantly designed space, you look straight past the courtyard, through the floor-to-ceiling glazing of the living room, straight into the magical view of the swaying paddy fields. It creates this magical feeling that the outside world is actually within the luxury house itself.


The Mango Villa has been built along classical design lines which include tall ceilings, colonnades, cornices, and Manglore tiled roofs, amongst other elements. It creates a sense of beauty and timelessness from the moment you set your eyes on the luxury house.


Tarun Tahiliani has provided the luxury interiors of the villa in his inimitable style, bringing elegance and grandeur to every room. Whether it is the vintage furniture or the avant garde lighting or the bold paintings on the wall, Tarun has created an atmosphere of pure privilege and decadence in the luxury villa.


Together, we have created a luxury villa of timeless beauty and elegance.

Urvi Shah - Author

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