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Goa has more to it than its glistening beaches and verdant forests. It is a place to call home through the heat of summer, the torrents of monsoon rain and the chill of winter. For a long time, Goa was simply a place to let one’s hair down, enjoy a couple of drinks by the beach and indulge in fresh seafood.

The last decade has seen Goa develop into much more—this beach state now houses a colourful array of boutique fashion houses, bookstores, India’s largest private art museum, restaurants serving cuisine from around the world and some interesting craft beer breweries besides the old, loved shacks and pubs along the seaside.

There is now a meaningful shift in ‘times to visit’ for Goa. Whilst formerly, most people thronged to its golden beaches for Christmas and New Year celebrations, the trend today is to explore more and in different seasons.

Whilst the optimal temperatures, gentle sun and balmy sea waters are a great pull to visit Goa between October and March each year, the lull of summer and its breezy evenings is equally charming. Watching the monsoon clouds gather on the horizon, in anticipation of rains is one of the most spectacular sights to behold in one’s lifetime. Watching the rain clouds on the horizon and their closing distance to shore, whilst running for shelter, is another unique experience only the coast can offer.

The sheer starkness of the colour green—in all its hues and shades during the monsoon is refreshing and heartening to see. And in keeping with the beauty of the seasons, a lot more people have begun to call Goa home, throughout the year.

This ensures that there are plenty of activities to indulge in, restaurants to sample, shopping to do and music events to participate in through summers, monsoon and winter.

Having a holiday home in Goa, hence, is a great decision since it can keep you coming back to your beach paradise as often as you can, to experience the colours, festivals and euphoria of every season here.


Urvi Shah - Author

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