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Of all the places one can visit in India, Goa stands out for being the premium party destination with some of the finest options for a fun and entertaining nightlife. In the last decade, Goa has seen an upsurge in the quality of leisure activities available, especially for people seeking luxury.


Whilst regular tourists throng the beaches and are satisfied with karaoke in the shacks, for the more discerning individual, there are a variety of exclusive and luxurious alternatives to choose from. You can also get celebrity chefs to cook gourmet multi-course meals in the privacy of your own luxury villa, have world class DJs perform at your private party or even get some of Europe’s best bartenders to make you cocktails guaranteed to be party hits.


If one is not in the mood to party at home, there is a wide array of high-end restaurants and clubs to choose from. One can even indulge in a party at sea by renting a yacht and sailing on calm waters with a glass of bubbling champagne and rocking music. Or, for the more adventurous, there is even the option of booking a private hot air balloon ride!


To enjoy all of this as well as to experience all the other elements of the Exclusive Goan nightlife, it is a fabulous idea to own a luxury holiday home in Goa as it serves as your base for evenings and nights of fun in the tropically perfect weather of Goa. And it also serves as your sanctuary for self-time and peace, when you are too tired to socialize.


There are times we want to mingle and spend nights partying with friends and there are times when we want to sit back and breathe in deep, watching the day pass by as the waves rumble in the distance. A holiday home in Goa looks after both needs and more.


Urvi Shah - Author

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