A Sun Estates luxury villas showcasing its excellent location.

As a luxury real estate developer, one of the most important aspects we have to consider before we start a project is finding the right location. And, there are several factors that go into choosing the right location.


One of the most important inspirations for Sun Estates has always been the Goan landscape. We have always wanted to build projects that can immerse people into the splendour of the nature that surrounds them. Whether it is on the banks of a river, or besides a paddy field, or atop a hill overlooking a verdant valley, or right by the beach, it is important that the majestic beauty of Goan landscape is on full display.


Peace and tranquility are the other important factors to consider while choosing the right location. We believe that one’s home must offer sanctuary from the outside world, a luxurious and comfortable space where one can retreat into one’s own cocoon, far away from prying eyes and the maddening crowds.


On the other hand, Goa is indeed known for its fun and entertainment options, whether it is sunbathing at the beach, or partying late into the night. So, it is important that the homes we built are close enough to where all the fun is. Similarly, it is also important that our luxury homes are close to other essentials like hospitals, supermarkets, and restaurants. So, proximity to all the right places is also the hallmark of a good location.


Privacy is also important element for our luxury villas. Whether it is our standalone villas or it is our gated communities, we select locations to build our luxury homes where we can ensure the utmost privacy of our all our home owners.


All these factors put together ensure that the location we choose and the properties we build on them always lead to high price appreciation and happy luxury home owners.

Urvi Shah - Author

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