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Goa is seemingly more popular for its bars, craft breweries, night clubs and yacht parties. However, there is a fresher, healthier Goa replete with organic cafes and restaurants and a wide variety of physical activities to indulge in.

Goa is blessed with a huge array of vegetables and fruits due to its tropical climate and iron-rich soil.  From its chillies, kokum (Indian mangosteen) and fresh spices to its drumsticks, cashews, watermelons and rice, there is an abundance of fresh produce. One can shop for these in local markets without having to worry about chemicals, pesticides or preservatives. Add to this a very generous helping of new-age vegan and organic cafes that play with their menus seasonally and provide many healthy options including sugar-free, gluten-free and even keto meals.

Having a holiday home in Goa makes access to the state’s lovely fresh fish and produce, an easy opportunity to a healthier lifestyle. The cherry on the cake is that Goa has sea water and fresh water fish from its mackerel, groupa and octopus to prawns, pomfrets and trout.

With a large number of well-trained and skilled expats calling Goa their new home, not only are restaurants booming, there are also many fitness gyms and studios coming up.

On any given day, one can drive down to a fitness club and begin to learn activities like yoga, taekwondo, kick-boxing, tai-chi, cross-fit training, traditional Indian martial arts and more! Many trainers are also happy to provide private and home lessons to their clients.

With a holiday home in Goa, not only will you have access to its fresh produce, its fitness activities but to top it all, its clean air. With air pollution on a high in most cities, unpolluted air is fast becoming a luxury and more importantly, a necessity. Being a relatively laid-back and calm destination, Goa is blessed with fresh air and clear sea waters. What more reason can you need to buy a holiday home in Goa than a healthier, happier you?

Urvi Shah - Author

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