An image of Sol Pilerne, a project by Sun Estate Developers, Goa

The two fundamental inspirations of Sun Estates has always been the Goan landscape and Goan architecture. Our quest to build structures that reflect these aspects of the Goan heritage continues to inspire us.


We have always endeavoured to build homes that blend with the landscape that encompass them, without breaking from the tone of the place. We typically build in villages since they perfectly blend the nature and architecture they offer. But, even though our homes afford their owners the epitome of luxury, they are homogenous with their surroundings. They do not stick out like a block of concrete in the middle of a serene neighbourhood. Instead, they merge seamlessly with the existing setting.


In addition, to carry on with architectural signature of bygone days that created a unique identity for Goa, we continue to aspire to the same style through our designs while building our luxury homes. Unfortunately, there have been no guidelines that help developers blend with their current architecture with that of previous times. But, we have upheld the same architectural language, and have kept alive the ethos, of the past so that the architecture of Goa has a sense of consistency and continuity.


This has been an ongoing and continuous process for the group. While the homes we have built come with all modern amenities and facilities, they have a timeless feel to them. And while we blend into the backdrop onto which we are set, we also carry forth the torch of architectural tradition of Goa.


“We wanted to do what the generations before us have done,” says Suraj Morajkar, the Managing Director of Sun Estates Developers, “and leave behind for posterity a mark of what our generation has done.”


And indeed, Sun Estates is leaving a beautiful mark on the landscape of Goa.

Urvi Shah - Author

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  • jude dsouza

    Where is ur current project
    Anything around Anjuna, siolim

    • Urvi Shah

      Hello Jude,
      Please give us a call on 9922611899, and we will be able to provide you with details for all our current and upcoming projects.
      Best Regards,
      Sun Estates Team

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