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Goa, a place imprinted in the minds of many as a fun party destination has slowly, over the last few years, opened up its gates to more than just bars, parties and tax free liquor. It has begun to welcome more discerning and well-travelled people who want to escape the mania of city living toward the humdrum buzz of greener pastures and welcoming silence.

Being quite aware of this, whilst hotels fight over the prime tourist spaces, holiday homes are making their mark in the nooks of Goa that most tourists are unaware of. These serviced, thoughtfully designed spaces are increasingly gaining popularity as they are stress-free, well maintained homes that you can call your own.

Goa is an apt destination to own such a holiday home as it is small state with serene views, less populated, easily accessible with an international airport and home to a vista of expat-run restaurants, yoga studios, yacht clubs and boutique stores.

Goa has something on offer for everyone. You can either recline in your serviced holiday home all day, soaking in the mystical sunrises or relax by the breezy palms savoring on the local delicacies with an unending supply of tender coconuts or feni. Or, you can spend a night at its colorful flea markets and enjoy the ride into its streets, seeing the local way of life.

Life in Goa has a natural sense of ‘susegaad’—a Portuguese term for a laidback, slow life. And this is what makes this land of villages, beaches and lush forests an appealing place to have home. A place to call home when it is time to breathe and slowdown from the big city life.


Urvi Shah - Author

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